Multi-Unit Mortgage

Would you like to let your tenants pay your mortgage? This is a common reason why people often buy a duplex or triplex while living in one of the units. These types of multi-family properties are easy to manage, since you live there, too. It is possible to secure a mortgage for this type of living arrangement from a big bank, but you might find more favorable terms from smaller lenders and investors who offer mortgages. You should always talk to a mortgage broker when you want to buy multi-family properties to provide passive income to live off of. It can be difficult for new investors to qualify for a reasonable interest rate. Continental Mortgages could even help you tap the equity in your primary residence to put a down payment on potential investment properties.

Ready to invest in a multi-unit property? Let Continental Mortgage help you secure the financing you need. Our multi-unit mortgage services are designed to meet the unique needs of investors and property owners, with competitive rates and flexible terms. Our experienced team can guide you through the process and help you find the right solution for your investment goals. Contact us today to learn more and start building your real estate portfolio.

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